Arlington, TX (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

TheSpeedGamers kick off their Final Fantasy week-long movie game marathon to aid grow autism awareness plus funds to benefit ACT Today! (Autism Care plus Treatment Today!). The Final Fantasy marathon is held from June 24th by July first plus is watched live at http://www.thespeedgamers.com.

The players have raised over $ 173,000 for ACT Today! over the previous 4 years, plus program to commit this whole week to nonstop gaming with all the objective of raising an more $ 15,000 inside help of the nationwide non-profit. ACT Today!s mission is to supply resources plus help for kids with autism whose families cannot afford or access the required tools their youngsters have to reach their highest potential. This involves therapy, healthcare care, social abilities programs, assistance dogs, assistive technologies, standard protection equipment, tuition for unique demands universities, plus assistance to military families with kids with autism.

“We actually can’t praise these young players enough,” claims ACT Today!’s executive director Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson. “This really is the fifth marathon which TheSpeedGamers have hosted for the non-profit. We are really grateful for these a devoted plus good group of players that are joining you inside the mission to aid youngsters with autism.”

Jackson, that goes online to observe TheSpeedGamers inside action plus to provide encouragement, urges others to join her. While viewing TheSpeedGamers play by the Final Fantasy series, audience could create donations that go straight to ACT Today!.

“When people think of players, they tend to consider them because lazy or unproductive,” claims TheSpeedGamers’ founder Britt LaRiviere. “However, this image is only an unpleasant stereotype. TheSpeedGamers are passionate regarding gaming plus committed to assisting non-profits like ACT Today! that offer direct assist to those inside need.”

TheSpeedGamers usually end their week-long, 168 hr fundraising campaign for ACT Today! about Monday, July 1st at 6 pm CST. Donations is accepted about behalf of ACT Today! at http://www.thespeedgamers.com.

About ACT Today!:

ACT Today! (Autism Care plus Treatment Today!) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company focused on providing resources plus funding to families of youngsters with autism that cannot afford or access the required tools their youngsters have to reach their full potential. For more info about ACT Today!, visit: http://www.act-today.org.

About TheSpeedGamers:

TheSpeedGamers are based inside the Dallas-Fort Worth location of Texas, nevertheless have members from all over the world. The group was founded by Britt LaRiviere inside March 2008, plus has because raised over $ 400,000 for non-profit companies over the nation.