Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

On August 13, The Protective Group comments on an article published by The Wall Street Journal on July 12 titled Security Tightens at NYC Triathlon. John Monderine, CEO of The Protective Group, comments on how the increase of security guards and other changes with event security will reassure the runners of the triathlon.

On July 14 at 5:50am, roughly 5,000 participants began a 1-mile swim, a 25-mile bike ride, and 6.2 mile run in Manhattan. The reason for this was the New York City Triathlon. This being one of the largest race events in New York since the tragic bombings in Boston, it was a question on how the event security would be handled.

John Monderine, CEO of The Protective Group, says, It is a shame that highly celebrated events such as this are now going to be tainted with horrific possibilities. All in all there are very capable security providers that are specialized to handle scenarios such as this.

“This isn’t the NYPD’s first rodeothey were pretty up to speed on what was needed,” says Race Director John Korff. Bomb sniffing pups were on patrol at the start and finish lines and additional security guards were added along with the NYPD. Our security guards have worked in tandem with local police in numerous situations. Its all about adding private security as a cost effective way to get the coverage needed for large scale events, says John Monderine.

In addition to the heavy event security, participants had to pack their equipment in a clear plastic bag. This announcement was also posted at the event, “NYPD will shut down the race if any backpack or transition bag is found unattended.”

There were no mishaps at this years event.

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Theres a marathon in SF july 25th, putting it 3 months away from today. usually, I go on 7-8 mile runs once a week, and do 4-5 mile runs 3 days a week, putting me at around 20 or so miles per week total. the farthest i have run is 14 miles and i was comfortable afterwards(no puking, seizing cramps or anything like that) Is there any chance or is it even wise to build up that fast?

Answer by Yeti

Once you have a decent running base (which it sounds like you do), most marathon-specific programs are 12-16 weeks.

Especially if your primary goal is completion, you should be able to get ready in time. (And due to the hills, it’s unlikely to be a PR course anyway.)