I am 26 years old and have never been into working out until recently. I just finished a 5 mile marathon today and it felt great. The stairs I am looking to climb is set for Oct 6 2007 so I have a few weeks to train. The building I will be climbing is the tallest building in downtown Los Angeles at 1,500 steps. I am not sure if I should lift weights or run or what? Also what should I eat. If there is also a helpful website I would appreciate it.

Answer by jennylynn
I love stairs, well, mostly hiking:) Squats and lunges are great. Also, walking quickly or jogging is great because it really increases your wind. You really want to focus on your lower body and getting those legs strong. I would join a gym, if possible, using the stairmaster, or find some great stairs and train! Eating is the same with any other exercise. Keep it healthy. Eat light before exercising, if you are going for longer than an hour you will need some nutrients during your marathon in order to continue. So bring small bites size pieces of a Luna bar or some other kind of health bar you like. Bring water or Propel or something that will replace the electrolytes you will lose. Congrats on finding something you enjoy, that is the key to any exercise plan. Good Luck!

Answer by n0witrytobeamused
You should do the same activity to build the right muscles. I can run long distances, but stairs in a building gives me the creeps. I would advise you to mentally prepare yourself to stop doing it if your knees start to hurt. Stairs put a lot of stress on your knees so please be careful.

Keep your diet simple; you know what you should not be eating! Natural food is best, cheese foods will likely cause you gas pain.

Answer by J
First, by definition, a “Marathon” is a 26.2 miles race. Unless you are running 26.2 miles on stair, this is a stair climbing race.

If you want to train for a race involving running up and down stairs, you need to work primarily on your thigh muscles for up and calf and thigh for going down.

Three best types of exercise for you. First is just running on hills. Going up and down will help you train for the vigorous demand for endurance. It will not help with too much muscle. Second is elliptical. If you set the elliptical to high incline, it will simulate going up, which is the harder part. I would definitely devote a lot of time on the elliptical machines. Third is leg weights. There are a lot of weight machine involving the legs, primarily thighs and calfs, and I would definitely do many of those.

If I were you, I would consist my training of:

2 days of running – some on flat and some on hills, at least 5-7 miles each.

2 days of elliptical – push as much as you can and as long as you can. You will need it.

2 days of shorter up and down running and mix with machine weights in between.

1 day of swimming or resting

Good luck


On Monday, May 25, 2013 I had the pleasure of watching my boyfriend cross the finish line for the LA Marathon. It was an amazing event. Minus of course some misdirection and rerouting – all in all it was a pretty smooth event. It was nice and overcast all morning; perfect weather for a marathon in Los Angeles. I can’t tell you what it’s like to train for an event like this or even run it, well maybe not yet. What I can tell you is how motivating and inspiring it is just being there.

We stayed the night in a historic hotel downtown. I think it might be haunted. That’s a whole other story, but some other time. We had to stay since the race began at seven am. The wake up call was set for five. Excited we sprang from bed turned on the news and got ready as fast as possible. (Plus I just wanted to get out of that hotel.) Parking was close and easy. Next stop just a little more coffee and off to the start line. There was energy in the air you could almost taste it. Or maybe that was the remnants of the bad coffee we made in the hotel. People were bustling about early in the closed off streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Finally, we hit the gate- only runners beyond this point. I give him a kiss and wish him luck. It will be about four hours before I see him at the finish line. I head off to find my spot. This is where all the redirection and crowd dodging begins. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. People are smiling and I can’t help but smile too. People have signs cheering on friends and loved ones. There are people in costume. There are groups with t-shirts made just for this occasion. I make my way to the start or somewhere close to the starting line.

I nestle in under a television camera up on a boom.

The race begins and the enthusiasm is unleashed. Now I have a burst of energy. I decide it’s time to find my spot at the finish line. I know the race just started but I am a short girl and I need to make my claim quick. I have my own strategy to be able to see the finish and then make my way to the designated locations to meet the runners. My marathon begins.

It takes me a little time to find just the right spot but I have plenty of that. While I wait to see him cross the finish line I witness several amazing finishes. Of course the winner who finished at two hours and eight minutes. Next there was one of the wheel chair racers whose modified bike was apparently not working. Someone towed his bike along side of him while he used his walker to cross the finish line. The crowd roared as he made his way cross the line. The closer he came the louder we got. It was incredibly inspiring and touching.

Next I saw a young boy, my guess he was 11, but he finished the marathon. I saw man carrying a drink tray like a server as well as a Spartan, or a man in a Spartan costume wrap up the race. Some people still had amazing amounts of energy to sprint to the finish in hopes to beat the runner next to them. While others were fueled by sheer determination; like the man I saw crawling towards the finish. Another runner came back to help the man up and complete the marathon. I then saw my boyfriend cross the finish! Of course I was the loudest person there for that moment. Then I was off to swoop him up and drive us home.

As we got to the car we shared our inspiring moments from the perspective of runner and spectator. It was incredible. I was so glad that I was able to be there for him and witness such an amazing event as a marathon. I am definitely inspired. Not necessarily to run a marathon but to action without a doubt. The people I witnessed crossing the finish gave me a glimpse of the endless possibilities in life. Now what I do with that is up to me.

Everywhere in the region, movers ask four key questions to estimate the price tag of your move. A Los Angeles shifting business will inquire these similar four queries, but three get on added significance unique to L.A.

Before gaining an estimate, nevertheless, keep in mind: Price tag is crucial, but it shouldn’t be your only aspect in selecting a mover. Make positive you also pick out a moving company that is licensed, bonded, and insured–never ever make a move with a firm that isn’t. And request for references–a trustworthy, veteran Los Angeles moving corporation need to have many references from community, content prospects. Encounter is crucial. If they’re new to the region, they don’t comprehend just how huge a mega-city Los Angeles Is (extra than 500 square miles), its unique targeted visitors patterns…and how moving in distinctive locations of the city at distinct times of the 12 months and various instances of the day can substantially have an effect on how lengthy the move will consider.

To commence, get a totally free preliminary estimate on the web. Right here are the 4 concerns every superior Los Angeles mover asks:

1. Shifting in the Hollywood Hills or the Canyons? These roads are steep, narrow, and slow heading. That adds time. And that adds to your estimate.

Movers base their selling prices on the variety of rooms being moved and the volume and pounds of the belongings in each and every room. On normal, two adults in a two-bedroom property or apartment have much more than seven,000 lbs-that’s three and a 50 percent tons!-of belongings.

A standard two-bed room residence or apartment normally takes about forty “man”-hours to pack and about 50 percent that much time to unpack. This is an area where by you can save funds by executing these tasks all by yourself. But that still leaves loading a truck, driving it to your new vacation spot, then unloading it. Fees for these services are based on the variety of movers and the estimated quantity of hours it will take them. Commonly, suppose labor prices to be at minimum $ 25 per person per hour in Los Angeles, typically with a fifty percent-day minimal. Right here all over again, Los Angeles poses exceptional conflicts. A mover skilled with the location understands there’s no way they can get a full-sized shifting truck up all those narrow, switch-back again roads in the Hills or Canyons. That usually means they may have to use a smaller truck. Movers who know the metropolis know to prevent both equally the freeways and major surface streets through rush hour–amongst 7 AM and 9 AM and concerning 4 PM and 6 PM. Now, L.A. even has what they simply call the “Noon rush hour” from 12 to one, when folks are rushing to lunch or do errands in advance of returning to get the job done. four. What services do you want the shifting business to deliver?

That’s when movers bring their individual boxes and shipping supplies, pack your belongings, load them onto their truck, drive them to your new location, unpack them, then dispose of all supplies.

There are strategies wherever you can save. For instance, quite a few persons get their individual boxes and shipping products. However, when evaluating prices, in addition to the truck rental and get of moving supplies, be certain to include the charge of fuel, truck insurance coverage, and, of course, your time.

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Normal Mediterranean weather prevails in this city. There is abundance of sunlight excluding about one a 50 percent month of the rainy time from November as a result of April. Sights of Los Angeles

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