I am running a half marathon inside april must i have absolutely started training/running. I do exercise 3-5 days a week with strength training plus kickboxing however, this might be very first time running in almost any form of race.

Answer by Indy Jones
You must hit the road January first. Search for several 12 week half marathon training programs online. Great chance!

Answer by # 43 Cristian
yea u must only just in case yet dont do difficult details merely like run for an hr plus stuff yet commence today plus advantageous luck

Answer by Kris
Its wise you’re cross training we wont receive inform out. But commence adding inside several miles today. Go out initially for a some 30-60 minute runs at a pace which is well difficult. Keep pushing it plus it may become a all-natural pace for we inside regarding 2 weeks. Start running 3 occasions a week with a couple days between.
Monday: 20 min run well hard
Tuesday: cross train/weights or off
Wednesday: 25 min run. well hard(maybe a small faster)
Thursday: extended run 50-60 min (slowly build about 15 miles)
Friday: off
Saturday: 30-45 min run with certain slopes or about a cross nation terrain
Sunday: cross train/weights

nevertheless certainly look up several 12 week plans for half marathons considering those aid equally
when it gets closer regarding a month along with a half before the race you need to begin including speed function. Fast twitch stuff like tempo runs plus longer intervals. then 2 weeks before you’ll commence doing ending stuff like 400m repeats.