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During the entire year Rome has the calendar wealthy about occasions plus happenings to not be missed. Hereby you recommend we the key artistic, music plus sport occasions organized inside the city from January to December.

Marathon of Rome -
The Marathon of Rome happens inside March over the suggestive streets of the Eternal City. The peculiarity of these event is the business of the Stracittadina, a non-competitive 4 km run to that everyone may take piece, including kids plus families.

Expo Tevere -

Happening hosted each year between June plus July over the Tevere river banks. The TevereExpo is an Italian artisanal marketplace where roman plus territorial gastronomic specialties is purchased at advantageous costs.

Estate Romana -

During the month of July plus August a great deal of open air occasions plus happenings are hosted inside Rome: Concerts, theater plays, cabaret shows are organized over the Tevere banks plus inside the city parks.

White Night -

The white evening is a latest event of the Rome happenings calendar. During this lengthy evening it is very potential to go to the theater, cinema, see museums plus enter inside the shops to create buying. All about Rome free concerts plus shows are hosted till late evening.

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Rome Europe Festival -

It is the many prestigious art plus music festival of Rome.

Every year, from September to December, different form of music concerts is proposed at the Auditorium plus inside the principal theatres plus squares of Rome.

Feast of the Immaculate Virgin -

On event of the religious feast of Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception, the Pope celebrates a religious function at the Spanish Steps along with a group of Firemen climb up about a ladder to place a crown found on the Virgin Mary statue.

Feast of Epifany -

During the Epifany days a fair is celebrated inside Piazza Navona. For this event families with their youngsters purchase Christmas objects plus cakes inside many stalls.

It can sound like a city of contrasts, yet Rome’s timeless magic lies inside its ability to blend the older with all the modern. Empires have risen plus fallen, aged gods have been changed with brand-new ones, however, Rome remains. Rome is regarded as Europe’s many breathtaking cities plus should you have not visited Italy, the capital is a perfect region to begin the christmas.