Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton’s days because a glamorous jailbird can be over, however her incarceration has been immortalized inside a sexy movie parody with a pair of LA writer/directors which has taken the Internet by storm.

Paris In Jail: The Music Video, was shot about a shoestring budget by Allan Murray plus Sean Haines plus posted about YouTube June 6. At last count, visitors to YouTube plus MySpace had viewed the movie over 7.4 million occasions.

On June 8 alone the movie received over 1 million YouTube hits inside 24 hours. In its initial week, it bumped the movie for the No. 1 track inside the nation, Rhiannon’s Umbrella, from position about Vidmeter.com’s Top 10 chart five occasions. AOL has called it “Spoof of the Year.”

“We sought to launch the creation business by the Internet globe,” states Murray, that co-founded OMOVIES.COM with Haines a limited months ago. It’s a ideal method to show the writing, directing plus producing abilities to a mass audience.”

Adds Haines, “As stand-up comedians, we’ve taken what you learn right — how to create persons laugh — plus developed a formula for creating music videos, commercials plus brief movies with a funny edge plus with all the good possible to go viral.”

The pair has appeared about MSNBC, CBS Early Show, CNN plus Access Hollywood, and also about TV inside France, Germany, England plus Japan. Murray plus Haines simply finalized with International Creative Management (ICM) plus are inside pre-production for their upcoming OMOVIES comedy movie, set to drop about July 11.

Paris In Jail: The Music Video lampoons the sun-and-surf movie for Hilton’s Stars are Blind, except this time she’s cuddling found on the beach with a prison protect. It gently pokes fun of the heiress’s wealthy girl image plus gets inside a limited digs at Britney Spears, Nicole Richie plus Lindsay Lohan. It moreover takes jabs at notorious Hollywood trials with lyrics like, “Robert Blake plus O.J. Simpson/they both receive off scot free/I drive without a license/law throws the book proper at me.”

The movie stars blonde Paris look-alike Amber Hay, whom well nails Paris’s lazy pout. During casting, Hay told Murray, “I learn Paris — she’d possibly think this might be funny.” Murray replied, “You’re hired!”

Classically trained singer Elizabeth Intza’s breathy rendition of the spoof lyrics sounds uncannily like Paris herself. A pair of Chihuahuas called Zelda plus Brigitte stand inside for Paris’s own Tinkerbell plus Bambi.

Murray got the idea for the movie whilst viewing TV coverage of Paris’s impending jail sentence. He observed the broadcasters kept utilizing clips from her Stars are Blind movie. “I kept hearing a track parody each time I heard which track,” he claims. When he had created the parody lyrics, he plus Haines scrambled to assemble a team, lease equipment assemble a cast.

“We called inside a great deal of favors,” Murray states. They co-directed shooting of the movie, that took a day along with a half, followed with a marathon modifying session. The place apparently tickled a great deal of funny bones. “I do think this really is funny,” Murray claims. “It’s not too mean-spirited.”

Allan Murray, Sean Haines

Murray, a Texas native, is a TV actor, standup comedian, author, director plus manufacturer. He equally composes plus plays five instruments, plus his lyric writing abilities were about show with all the movie.

Haines, that grew up inside Berkeley, Calif., worked his means from street performer all of the method to headliner status with his act, The Dangerous Comedy of Wilde & Hanes. He newly wrote plus yielded The Bryan G. Show, a one-man comedy plus music act currently enjoying amazing achievement inside spots all over the world.

In the wake of their achievement with Paris In Jail: The Music Video, Murray plus Haines report, somewhat mysteriously, which they have been contacted with a main producer regarding producing a viral movie for a brand-new product.

Equally mysteriously, Murray plus Haines are mum regarding the topic of their upcoming movie project, though they promise it is “topical plus funny.”


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