What was the name provided to the Confederate cavalry?

What confederate general was provided the name Stonewall?
It sounds like Stonewall Jackson.

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What was General Scott’s program for the initial year of war? Wasn’t it, he decided to go slow, plus build his military. Because none of them were perfectly trained?

Answer by Moose
Stonewall Jackson.

Answer by aged lady
It was Stonewall Jackson – a quite distinguished general. However his mom called his Jonathon Thomas. Every cavalry device had its own name – they may be the Mississipi Eighth Cavalry, or the Virginia Third Cavalry etc. There was no total name.

Answer by Agility Man
I think the answer to the “cavalry” query is the name provided to Jackson’s Division (or his troops which he led inside the Shenandoah). They were called “Jackson’s Foot Cavalry” following they marched 56 miles inside 2 days (basically that’s 2 marathons back-to-back however, carrying muskets plus haversacks).

And yes, Thomas Jackson was provided the nickname “Stonewall” (as well as the first Virginia Brigade became termed as the Stonewall Brigade for the rest of the war). But amidst his troops, Jackson had nicknames like “Old Blue LIght” plus “Old Jack” plus even “Tom Fool” (he wasn’t very known at VMI where he taught). Stonewall was more a nickname for the click plus southern civilians.

Winfield Scott devised the “Anaconda Plan.” The program was to strangle the south–blockade all ports, seize the Mississippi plus bit by bit, strangle the existence from the South. That’s almost what occurred. However Scott wasn’t inside control fairly long–just the initially some months of the Civil War. In truth, his position was available to Robert E. Lee before the war. The program didn’t focus about going slow inside purchase to train troops.