Marathon Oils Earnings Miss, Sales Beat

North America E&P: Money from Marathon Oil's North American upstream segment totaled $ 221.0 million throughout the quarter, up greatly from $ 70.0 million inside the previous-year period. This was mostly about account of improved liquids sales volumes and …
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Which mountain range, created through continental convergence, developed before the Appalachians of North America?
- Cordilleran Mountains
- Cascade Range
- Alps
- Caledonian Mountains
- Himalaya Mountains

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“…The Caledonian orogeny is a mountain building era (orogeny) recorded inside the northern components of the British Isles, the Scandinavian Mountains, Svalbard, eastern Greenland plus components of north-central Europe. The Caledonian orogeny encompasses occasions which happened within the Ordovician to Early Devonian, about 490-390 million years ago (Ma). It was caused by the closure of the Iapetus Ocean whenever the continents plus terranes of Laurentia, Baltica plus Avalonia collided. …”


“…Continent-Continent Collision over the Southern North American Margin: The Ouachita-Marathon Orogeny
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The correlation of timing, rates, plus distribution of deformation between Ancestral Rocky Mountain structures as well as the more southeasterly Ouachita-Marathon qualities have recommended a causal relationship to countless employees looking an explanation for the existence of the Ancestral Rockies. Kluth (1986) claims which the western margin of North America was inside a period of relative quiescence throughout the late Paleozoic; the Mississippian Antler Orogeny had ceased, as well as the Mesozoic Sonoma Orogeny had not yet started. Tectonic forces big enough to drive the basement uplifts of the Ancestral Rockies need consequently originated over the southern or eastern margins of North America. The Alleghenian Orogeny which was actively creating the Appalachian Mountains to the east was too far removed for extensive deformational stresses to be translated to the Ancestral Rocky area. The Ouachita-Marathon Orogeny, found on the different hand, included the progressive east-west suturing of South America-Africa with all the southern margin of North America. Stresses might have been sent northward plus westward into the foreland plus focused along pre-existing zones of weakness that have been reactivated to shape the Ancestral Rockies plus their associated basins (Figure 1). …”



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