Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

YogaVibes, a leading distributor of online yoga videos, celebrates its dedication to delivering online yoga to the running community. Realizing what a fantastic training supplement yoga is for athletes, YogaVibes set out to provide a variety of online yoga classes plus free online videos especially catering to athletes plus athletes.

YogaVibes has partnered with many top-notch yoga teachers which have every built athletically minded sequences. These very accessible, yet challenging online yoga flows are beneficial for athletes about several degrees. Through yoga, anticipate to have improved flexibility, reduced stiffness plus tightness, increased strength, increased balance, better movement, resistance to injury, better stamina, plus unwavering focus. Theres no greater method to up running performance.

In an effort to receive more athletes to understand the pros of yoga, YogaVibes is providing a free 30-day trial subscription to race participants by Virtual Race Bags twice because extended because the standard 15-day free trial. Also, coming shortly, YogaVibes is partnering with ZOOMA a business which promotes a nationwide series of women’s half marathon races to provide a free 3-month trial subscription.

At YogaVibes.com, athletes have very a diverse selection of online yoga classes from that to select. From Sage Rountrees Yoga for Athletes Series, to Rolf Gates post-run workouts, to Cara Bradleys athletically inspired flows, to Jessica Bellofattos free post-run videos, its impossible to be dissatisfied. Experience plus enjoy a few of YogaVibes featured favorites.

Yoga for Runners with Sage Rountree (60 minutes)

Enjoy an online yoga class particularly built for athletes (however appropriate for athletes plus everyone!). Post-workout, practice this sequence to develop greater balance, boost core strength, plus boost cool flexibility. Even newbies can discover this hour-long Vinyasa Yoga practice accessible, challenging, fun, plus worthwhile!

IT Band with Sage Rountree (73 minutes)

In this online yoga class for athletes, athletes, plus everyone, focus about strengthening plus starting the hips. Along the technique, pay unique attention to the IT band, a popular location of tightness inside athletes. Finish feeling calm, open, plus happy! A block or blanket will be a good prop to have handy.

After Cardio Practice with Rolf Gates (25 minutes)

This very accessible online yoga class pairs wonderfully with a cardio exercise. Banish pain plus maximize fitness with Gates’ Vinyasa Yoga techniques.

Time to Unwind with Rolf Gates (25 minutes)

This restoring online Vinyasa Yoga class is best for an end-of-the-day practice or because a complement to any cardio exercise. Release stored tension from a lengthy day or an intense fitness regimen.

Verge Yoga Stationary Sequence with Cara Bradley (61 minutes)

This online yoga class is best for newbies, yet is not limited to newbies. The Verge Yoga Stationary Sequence can enable athletes heighten bodily plus mental stability. Explore standing plus balancing poses, turning postures, core-strengthening exercises, back bending, plus forward folds. Focus about aware movement plus alignment to improve inside strength, balance, plus clearness. Even intermediate to advanced pupils usually discover this Stationary Sequence invigorating. Additionally, explore this assortment of Caras free online yoga videos, installing for athletes plus athletes.

Reclining Hip Sequence for Athletes with Jessica Bellofatto (4 minutes)

This free online yoga movie concentrates on releasing tension plus tightness inside the hips. It is a brief plus convenient cool sequence which is performed before or following (or both!) any exercise, running incredibly. Loosen up the hips. Feel more open.

YogaVibes urges athletes to step about the mat.

Go sturdy. Feel light. Feel energized.

Do yoga to run like the wind.

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