Saucony 26 Strong: Cross-Training for a Marathon

Betty Taylor plus Christy Hunt are training for among the later marathons this year—the California International Marathon inside Sacramento about Dec. 8. … Vet Betty kicked off her training system with all the Napa Valley Half Marathon about July 21, inside that …
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I’m 15 plus i wish To be a Navy SEAL thus i’m going to begin training inside the summer, I’ll be doing a great deal of running plus i’m rather excited truly the only condition is regarding 5-6 months ago my cousin mentioned she saw a mountain lion out here running over the street plus according to her “It was huge” plus i’m going to be running regarding 10 miles a day plus i don’t wish To receive attacked with a mountain lion when running. please help considering when they’re here, i may also not train at all.

Answer by Lisa B
I have not heard about a confirmed mountain lion sighting inside West Sacramento, as well as the development there is too thick for them. Additionally, their preferred food is deer, plus there are no deer there which I learn of.

In Rancho Murieta, that is quite remote plus encircled by open land (plus full of deer which are protected), you utilized to have mountain lions, plus I even saw a pic of 1 about a neighborhood street, yet nobody was ever bothered by 1. They have left the immediate location today which there are too various houses. And by the technique, my spouse utilized to run half marathons frequently, plus nonetheless runs, though his age is capturing up with him.

Mountain lions are really timid plus usually go close persons just whenever they are stalking deer. Folks here usually think cougars (mountain lions) eat their dogs plus pets, nevertheless which will be coyotes.

In all years (because 1971) I’ve lived inside the region, I’ve ever just heard about 1 regional individual being killed with a cougar. It was years ago, as well as the woman had been a athlete that lived inside Cool, up inside the foothills. She was running out inside completely open nation, about a path crossing a steep slope, as well as the cougar was uphill of her. The wildlife specialists thought it would have mistaken her for a deer somehow.

The cousin was possibly mistaken inside what she saw. It’s convenient to do. Below inside Ranch Murieta you have had various, numerous mistaken cougar informs.

However the bottom line is, when my spouse as well as the other athletes inside Rancho Murieta (where there surely are cougars around) continue to be alive plus running, there is not any real risk inside West Sacramento. You wish To be a Navy SEAL? Practice fearlessness plus go run. We can’t be scared of unrealistic threats when a going to be a SEAL.